God made a way (Personal Experience)

I love this song, God will make a way. Since highschool,this has been my consolation everytime I’m weary. I knew, God never deserted me all along. During my highschool days, I experienced its power even until now, it always work for me.

One remarkable experience was God stopped the rain for me. It was lunch break. I have to be in my dormitory in the other building around 200 meters away from my classroom when it rained so hard. I have to be in my dorm to prepare food for my doormates, but I didn’t have umbrella since no provided umbrella for everyone of us (it will be 4000 umbrellas they will provide if so because we’re 4000 students living in for free education, food and lodging. It will cost them so much-more stories about my highschool anyway). Back to my story, I was worried already. Every minute matters to us. I need to be in my dormitory. What I did? I inhaled and said, Mama Mary oh please stop the rain for me. You love me right? Then you know what, the rain stopped all of a sudden. Amazed as I was, I ran and went to my building. As soon as I reached the ground floor, the rain fell again. What a mystery to me. But I knew It was God thru Mama Mary. That is why I always loved the song God will make a way. I believe in God’s ways. That is why I love to share it.


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