Getting Over My Depression-My Realization

Last February, I shared to you my depression due to failed ballooning of my heart. Now, I’m back. I got over my depression already. I realized it won’t help. But it’s not easy to get over with it. Along the way, I’ve come to realize, I was not the only one having this kind of burden. We are many. And there are two people close to my heart having this kind. One is my bestfriend. We’ve been friends for over a decade already yet she never told me she has rheumatic heart disease. I just learned about it last April during my vacation. Anyway, I’ve asked two weeks vacation from the office to refresh and reflect. I went to my hometown, Buenavista Quezon. It’s worth it.

Back to my friend, according to her, she learned about her sickness during college years. How? She fainted during class. She was rushed in the hospital and the doctor said she has RHD. You see, its over a decade already and she doesn’t mind her condition. She almost forgotten it actually and she just remembered it when I shared my case. Anyway, my friend is a God-loving individual. It’s God providence, surely. She’s been to many community service and until now, she’s doing the same. May God bless her more years of worthwhile living.

The second person dealing with this mitral stenosis is the sister-in-law of my another bestfriend. (I have 3 bestfriends, you might wonder. We’ve been through thick and thin and distance doesn’t matter.) We’re closed since she’s very kind ever since. And she love to share her condition with me. She’s a mother of 3 wonderful and big kids. Just like me, she used to pray “God, wag muna please. Pano ang mga anak ko?” She just go to Philippine Heart Center once in a while and I’m happy she’s still jolly as before and a very dedicated wife. I really salute her. She’s a good cook and I love her menus everytime I visit her.

Combating with RHD is not that easy really. Most of the time, I slow down in going up the stairs. But lately, I found out, I can overcome my tiredness. It’s in the power of mind. I can live more years.

There are lot of people praying for me. And God always on my mind. Talking to Him on my mind. Entrusting to HIM my life. His working for my good and I am always grateful. I’ll live 50 years more. Thanks God!



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